From small to big

Nature hides many tiny phenomena to the naked eye. Find out how magnifying glasses and lenses, microscopes and binoculars work and learn about the tricks.

Director: Markus Matschke

Sven Falge and Markus Matschke both graduated in 2007 after studying audiovisual media engineering at Stuttgart Media University (HdM). Even as students, they produced internationally awarded short films together and worked as freelance directors for regional TV broadcaster SWR.
Since founding their production company SchwabenFilm in 2007, they have been producing both documentary and fiction films.

30 Min.
Director: Markus Matschke
Script: Markus Matschke, Dr. Maike Schuchmann
Cinematography: Sven Falge, Eva von Negelein
Narrator: Fabian Gröver
Editor: Dr. Maike Schuchmann
Nominations: Award of the Juvenile Jury 2012