JAWS COMES HOME follows US Fisheries scientist Greg Skomal as he investigates the return of Great White Sharks to America's Cape Cod - the location of the notorious JAWS movie.

Director: Nick Caloyianis

Director: Nick Stringer

Nick Stringer is award-winning director based at Big Wave, one of the world's leading producers of wildlife documentaries. He has spent almost 20 years making natural history and science films. He originally trained as a biologist and worked for an environmental charity before turning to documentary films. Recent productions have taken a strong marine twist and include a feature film called Turtle: The Incredible Journey, Jaws Comes Home for Discovery and The Dolphins of Shark Bay for the BBC. He has received numerous awards for his work, including an Emmy for Best Lighting Director.

United Kingdom
44 Min.
Director: Nick Caloyianis, Nick Stringer
Script: Nick Stringer / Sarah Cunlife
Cinematography: Nick Caloyianis
Music: Fred Karns, Richard Fiocca
Narrator: Mike Rowe
Editor: Nick Stringer
Awards: Best Marine Film 2012
Nominations: Best Marine Film 2012