The Dinosaur Code

Is it possible to reconstruct a whole world out of some fossilised footprints? The documentary accompany the palaentologist Dr. Cajus when he tries to reconstruct a region where Dinosaurs live.

Director: Jan N. Lorenzen

Jan N. Lorenzen was born in Hamburg 1969. After finishing high school, he studied history in Hamburg and Berlin. From 1994 until 2000 he worked as editor in the contemporary history department at the MDR TV station. Since 2001, he has been active as a freelance writer and director. Jan Lorenzen published among others "Erich Honecker. Eine Biography" (Rowohlt-Verlag 2001) and "Die großen Schlachten", i.e. The Great Battles, (Campus-Verlag 2006). In 2002 he received the Adolf-Grimme-Prize together with Christian Klemke for "Roter Stern über Deutschland", i.e. Red Star Over Germany. In 2008/2009 he was the project director at ARD in charge of the 60 part series "60xDeutschland" hosted by presenter Sandra Maischberger.

45 Min.
Director: Jan N. Lorenzen
Script: Jan N. Lorenzen
Cinematography: Thomas Simon
Editing: Klaus Eichler
Narrator: Frank Arnold
Editor: Roland Miethke, Bernhard Wiedemann (Leitung)