Aurora - Fire In The sky

Aurora : a phenomenon looked at from a scientific and folkloristic point of view.

Director: Ivo Filatsch

As Senior Producer of Terra Mater Factual Studios, Ivo's focus is the production of high quality documentaries in the fields of natural history, science and history for the international market. He acts as an Executive Producer as well as writing and directing his own ideas. Ivo also works with the Terra Mater-branded TV strand on ServusTV, the German language free TV channel of the Red Bull Media House.

Before joining Terra Mater Factual Studios, Ivo worked as an editor, writer and director for the science department of the ORF, Austria's public service broadcaster, from 1992 on. He produced numerous stories and documentaries for several science TV magazines and strands and was involved in the development of new programs. In 2006, Ivo joined the ORF Natural History Unit as Executive Producer, before leaving to share the TMFS team's vision.

53 Min.
Director: Ivo Filatsch
Script: Ivo Filatsch
Cinematography: Udo Maurer, Adam Jones
Music: Markus Pöchinger
Narrator: Howard Nightingall, Paul Hollingdale,Melanie Preston
Editor: Jörg Achatz
Awards: Best Postproduction 2012
Nominations: Best Postproduction 2012