Blood Ivory Smuggler

The Environmental Investigation Agency heads to Kenya, Hong Kong and China to investigate the illicit world of elephant poaching and the ivory trade. Following claims of an upsurge in poaching of the African elephant and the subsequent smuggling of the ivory, EIA want to investigate the real situation for themselves. They come face to face with the horrific reality of elephant poaching and their investigations reveal previously unheard revelations about how the ivory smuggling works.

Director: Nick Courcoux

Nick Courcoux is a Producer/Director who has been working in television for 15 years. He has produced programmes for broadcasters such as the BBC, Channel 4, National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, Channels 7 & 9 Australia and many more. Now focusing on documentary work, his last project, Blood Ivory saw him documenting the work of EIA investigators across three continents as they uncovered shocking evidence of the illegal ivory trade

United Kingdom
50 Min.
Director: Nick Courcoux
Script: Marc Rowedder, Ces Terranova
Cinematography: Adam Docker
Narrator: John Shrapnel