Game over - Facing our Ocean´s Point of No Return

Although more and more stocks are collapsing, 90 million tons of fish are taken from the seas every year. The only real solution for the seas is managing their stocks sustainably - on a global scale.

Director: Ismeni Walter

Ismeni Walter (born 1967) studied biology in Munich, Boston and Hamburg and received her PhD at the University of Hamburg in marine biology. Since 1999 she has been working as a freelance science journalist, television author and documentary filmmaker in Cologne. Her main field of work are films and features for TV magazines at ARD and for the documentary and scientific units at WDR.

43 Min.
Director: Ismeni Walter
Script: Ismeni Walter
Cinematography: Erik Sick
Editing: Ingo Monitor
Music: Matthias Kuhlgatz
Nominations: Best ecological Film 2012