Wild Germany - Saxon Switzerland

Germany’s „Grand Canyon“ is Saxon Switzerland. Rare animals such as Garden dormouse, Peregrine and Black Stork live between steep sandstone cliffs. We watch unsual behavior and stunning aerials.

Director: Henry M. Mix

Henry was born in Berlin and originally graduated as a vet. Nowadays he works as producer, director and cameraman for ALTAYFILM and was in charge of various film expeditions and research projects in Central Asia, Russia, China, Mongolia, Georgia and Vietnam. Henry is a member of the scientific advisory board of Stiftung Artenschutz, a German foundation for species conservation. His films centre around the concept of nature conversation and its advancement. He is the author and producer of the biggest German nature film series to date (Wild Russia).

45 Min.
Director: Henry M. Mix
Author: Henry M. Mix
Camera: Yann Sochaczewski, Henry M. Mix, Axel Gebauer
Editing: Stefan Reiss
Music: Kolja Erdmann
Speaker: Wolf Frass
Editor: Jörn Röver (NDR Naturfilm), Wolf Lengwenus (NDR); Monika Seiffert (MDR); Catherine Le Goff (Arte)
Nominations: Best Camera 2012