Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin tuna is considered one of the most intelligent predatory fish but is himself prey to the tuna industry. For the first time, scientists in Europe and Australia have successfully bred the species.

Director: Christopher Gerisch

Christopher Gerisch has been working as a writer and director for SPIEGEL TV since 1997, also making reports and documentaries primarily for ZDF, Arte, 3sat and VOX.

Born 1958 in Hannover, he studied German language and literature and history in Hamburg. He began working in journalism at NDR Radio in 1981. He was a trainee at TEMPO magazine and worked as editor and managing editor for RTL in Hamburg, before coming to SPIEGEL TV. There, his focus lies on documentaries.

52 Min.
Director: Christopher Gerisch
Script: Christopher Gerisch
Cinematography: Oliver Gurr
Editing: Stefan Böhm
Narrator: Christine Hegeler
Editor: Marita Hübinger/ARTE
Nominations: Best ecological Film 2013