Land of the Chamois

Deep ravines crying out to be climbed, lush alpine meadows for cycling trails in the forest and some of the swiftest and blackest ski runs. Schladming is the epitome of a spectacular Alpine wildlife.


Director: Franz Hafner

Born in 1960, the filmmaker studied biology in Vienna. From 1982 he worked as a photographer and freelance journalist on various nature and species conservation projects and took part in various research projects. In 1989 he received the Carinthian Science Promotion Prize. In 1996 he started working with nature films.

50 Min.
Director: Franz Hafner
Script: Franz Hafner
Cinematography: Rudolf Diesel, Dietrich Heller, Harald Mittermüller, Josef Neuper, Irmin Kerck;
Editing: Roland Buzzi
Music: Roman Kariolou
Narrator: Otto Clemens