War of the Whales - Orca Attack!

This program shows the viewers for the first time the titanic battle between whales and orca whales as it plays out on the largest.

Director: Shiro Kagawa

Shiro Kagawa began his TV career in 1997 at a production company. He joined NHK in 2003. He produced and directed a natural-history program about the Koza River and its sweetfish for a year and a documentary about the fourspine sculpin, a fish that pretends to be a rock in order to catch food. He has been part of the natural-history production team at NHK Enterprises since 2007. His standout projects include a documentary about the relocation of a group of endangered albatrosses and an award-winning "Nature Wonder Land" documentary about a massive gathering of whales off the Aleutian Islands.

49 Min.
Director: Shiro Kagawa
Cinematography: Haruki Ida, Yoshio Kamiizumi, Junya Miyake, Daniel Zatz
Editor: Hideo Taguchi
Nominations: Best Marine Film 2013