Director: Nash Edgerton

Nash Edgerton is a filmmaker who knows his craft from both sides of the camera from his work as an actor, stunt performer, editor, producer, writer, and director. Since his short DEADLINE, which took out the top prize at Tropfest in 1997, Nash has directed a number of award-winning short films and music videos. Nash’s filmmaking career began at the age of 18 as a stunt performer. Since that time he has earned over 100 film and television credits on productions including THE MATRIX TRILOGY, STAR WARS II and III, THIN RED LINE and SUPERMAN RETURNS. He also produced and edited the acclaimed film THE MAGICIAN. Nash has just finished directing his first feature film THE SQUARE.

10 Min.
Director: Nash Edgerton
Cinematography: Adam Arkapaw
Editing: Nash Edgerton
Music: Ben Lee, Jone Skye, Jack Graddis
Nominations: Wild Laugh 2013