A Wild Dog's Tale

The amazing true story of a lonely female African wild dog that is helping to raise jackal pups in the Okavango. She is not only friends with hyenas and jackals but hunts with them and provides food .

Director: Brad Bestelink

Director: Richard Matthews

Richard is an internationally renowned wildlife filmmaker with over thirty years experience in production, camerawork and directing. Born in South Africa Richard joined the BBC Natural History Unit before turning freelance to film and produce his own programmes. Today based in Cape Town Richard specializes in aerial photography and has developed a number of gyro-stabilised aerial camera systems for light aircraft and helicopters. His films have won numerous awards including five Emmys and a BAFTA.
In 2010 Richard teamed up with talented fellow Producers Joe Kennedy and Katharina Pechel to form Table Mountain Films. The company has already garnered a reputation for excellence and innovation. Our latest films are “Beachwolf” for Terra Mater and “A Wild Dogs Tale” for National Geographic Wild and ORF.

South Africa
52 Min.
Director: Brad Bestelink, Richard Matthews
Script: Joe Kennedy
Cinematography: Brad Bestelink
Editing: Ronette van der Walt
Music: Grant Maclachlan
Narrator: Raphael Sbarge
Editor: Janet Apostol (National Geographic Wild)
Awards: Best Story 2013
Nominations: Best Story 2013