Baltic Bombcemetery

Bombs, crumps and chemical agents - all this was sunk into the Baltic sea after World War II. Experts assume that a third of the Baltic Sea ground is contaminated with hazardous waste.


Director: Stefan Bomhof

Stefan Bomhof, Junior Producer and author, born 1979, studied media education and sociology in Bielefeld. Since 2007, he has been working for Cinecentrum Filmproduktion in Hamburg. First as editorial staff member in the editorial office of TV-host Reinhold Beckmann, later in the documentary department, where he also completed his traineeship. As junior producer, he supervises documentaries and reports for various channels, among them the report series at NDR, where he also acts as author.

Director: Karlo Malmedie

Karlo Malmedie, born 1953 in Bonn, journalist; has worked as writer, director and producer on numerous documentaries for ZDF and other German TV stations since 1979. Karlo Malmedie lives in Hamburg. Many of his multi-episode productions have received prizes. "Lebensträume" (i.e. Lifetime Dreams), "Die Reise der Störche" (i.e. The Journey of the Storks), "Die Todesfahrt des ICE 884" (i.e. ICE 884: The Fatal Ride), " Reich und Obdachlos" (i.e. Rich and Homeless). Among them: Deutscher Wirtschaftsfilmpreis, Ernst Schneider Award for outstanding economic film productions, Deutscher Naturfilmpreis, nomination for Deutscher Fernsehpreis.

27 Min.
Director: Stefan Bomhof, Karlo Malmedie
Script: S. Bomhof, K.Malmedie
Cinematography: B. Mahlau, O. A.
Editing: K. Tonne
Narrator: M. Rösseler
Editor: V. Angres, S. Bayer
Nominations: Award of the Juvenile Jury 2013