Butterfly Stories

Butterfly Stories is a magical trip to butterfly people all over the world. The main story is a witty road trip with the songwriter Wanderin´ Star on the famous butterfly trail from Chicago to Mexico.

Director: Christoph Schuch

Christoph Schuch, born 1965 in Frankfurt/Main. After agricultural training to become a farmer, he studied film at the University of Kassel and at the film academy in Lisbon. His focus lies on the interrelations between man and nature.
Films: KINO: DER TRAUM IST AUS (Berlinale), SELF-MADE PARADISE (Nordische Filmtage Lübeck). TV-series: NEUE GARTENKUNST, FALTERWELTEN, documentaries: Das Rätsel von Tunguska (ZDF), Der Schatten des Waldes (ORB). Exhibitions: Im Mikrokosmos der Region.

88 Min.
Director: Christoph Schuch
Script: Christoph Schuch
Cinematography: Marcus Lenz, Philip Flämig
Editing: Stefan Heintzenberg
Awards: Best Score 2013
Nominations: Best Score 2013
Website URL: www.avanti-film.com