Danube Europe‘s Amazon (1) - From the Blackk Forest to the Black Sea

No river is as international as Danube, it is even more: Europe’s lifeline. Due to a many different cultures and a

bunch of climatic extremes this river controls Europe’s nature and people’s lives.

Director: Dr. Michael Schlamberger

Michael has been the Director of Photography as well as the Producer and Director for many international award winning blue-chip natural history documentaries, as well as producing AV and multi-screen shows for a variety of venues, including Museums and National Parks Centres. Michael is a qualified open water diver, and since 2006 holds a pilot's license. In 2008 Michael was awarded Austrian Television's ROMY award in the category of best cinematography for ORF UNIVERSUM's documentary "Ol' Man River - The Mighty Mississippi". Michael has developed a unique style, both with his cinematography and his productions, a style which is now recognized as having the quality seal of a ScienceVision production.

Director: Dr. Rita Schlamberger

Rita Schlamberger is an internationally successful director and producer of nature films from Austria. Before starting her career as a film maker she studied biology and graduated with a Ph.D. from the University in Graz.
As a student she discovered her passion for the submarine world, and her many dive expeditions led her to ulterior regions of the world.
In 2006 she made her pilot‘s license and after filming the Alps she succeeded making spectacular aerial shots in Africa for a film about the Sambesi.
In 1992 she founded the ScienceVision film production together with her husband Michael. Since then she produces a vast number of international award-winning nature documentaries for BBC, Discovery, National Geographic, ZDF, NDR, NHK, THIRTEEN WNET, ORF, Servus TV and many more.
Following the multiple awards winning Universum documentary „Donau – Lebensader Europas“ (Europe‘s Amazon), her current film „Zurück zum Urwald –Nationalpark Kalkalpen“ (Making an Ancient Forest) shows the incredible strategies applied by the “organism forest” to achieve the reconversion into a primeval forest.

50 Min.
Director: Dr. Michael Schlamberger, Dr. Rita Schlamberger
Script: Michael und Rita Schlamberger
Cinematography: Jiøí Petr, Michael Schlamberger, Rolando Menardi, Václav Šena, Mario Cater
Editing: Andrew Naylor
Music: Andreas Fabianek
Narrator: Karin Steger, Wolfgang Böck
Editor: Andrew Solomon, Franz Fuchs, Sepp Glanz
Nominations: Best Cinematography 2013,
Best Postproduction 2013