Death in the Beehive

The documentary shows the powerful coalition between german scientists and the pesticide industry, which causes the loss of life for billions of bees. But one brave beekeeper strikes back.

Director: Berndt Welz

Berndt Welz was born on May 10th 1965 in Stuttgart. He studied economics in Munich and began his career in journalism at the newspaper Münchner Abendzeitung and at Focus TV. For many years, he has been producing documentaries about relevant sociel issues as well as adventure and nature themes. His work has received various awards, among them the Bayerischer Fernsehpreis, a Silver World Medal at the New York Festivals and a nomination for the Grimme-Award.

30 Min.
Director: Berndt Welz
Author: Berndt Welz
Camera: Daniel Ritter, Stefan Moser, Mattias Meinl
Editing: Anya Schulz
Speaker: Olaf Pessler
Editor: Martin Ordolff
Nominations: Award of the Juvenile Jury 2013