Desert Dreams - Celebrating The Five Seasons in the Sonoran Desert

Four years in the making, this immersive multimedia showcases 182 species of Sonoran Desert plants and animals in a kaleidoscope of visuals, music and natural sound, with no narration.

Director: Thomas Wiewandt

With a background in art and science, Thomas Wiewandt has focused on the Sonoran Desert for 34 years, a passion that began with studies at the University of Arizona. After completing his PhD at Cornell, he pursued ecotourism, photography, and publishing. As Producer or Director of Photography for four films for the BBC and National Geographic, Tom has been honored with four Cine Golden Eagles, a Gold Apple Award, and an Emmy Nomination. His self-published book THE SOUTHWEST INSIDE OUT has received top publishing awards, and DESERT DREAMS is based on his book HIDDEN LIFE OF THE DESERT.

52 Min.
Director: Thomas Wiewandt
Script: Thomas Wiewandt
Cinematography: Thomas Wiewandt
Editing: John Hadwin
Music: Gary Stroutsos
Narrator: Gert Heidenreich, Detlef Kügow
Nominations: Best Score 2013,
Best Independent Production 2013