Hot Tuna

HOT TUNA plumbs the secrets of the legendary bluefin tuna, on a quest for the last refuge of a giant among fish.

Director: Rick Rosenthal

Rick Rosenthal is athree-time Emmy Award winning filmmaker and the recipient of numerous other internationally recognized awards for his cinematography of the natural world. Rick has filmed for many of the landmark nature films of our time, including the PLANET EARTH and BLUE PLANET series, as well as LIFE series for BBC, and GREAT MIGRATIONS for National Geographic.

45 Min.
Director: Rick Rosenthal
Author: Jonathan Grupper, Lothar Frenz (deutsche Fassung)
Camera: Rick Rosenthal
Editing: Chris Aikenhead, Jim Knowlthon
Music: Lenny Williams
Speaker: Stephan Benson
Editor: Jörn Röver (NDR Naturfilm Doclights GmbH)
Awards: Best Marine Film 2013
Nominations: Best Marine Film 2013