Rheas on the Run

They drive cattle mad, attack dogs running free and disturb brooding cranes. But are these flightless birds resembling ostriches really as bad as their reputation?


Director: Heinz Galling

Heinz Galling, born 1960 in Lübeck. He grew up on the outskirts of Lübeck by the river Wakenitz and spent much time outside as a youngster discovering nature with his small super 8 film camera. He studied sports and English in Kiel. Starting 1988, freelancer at NDR in the radio and television sectors. Sports journalist and nature and wildlife reporter, presenter for various programmes at NDR. Since 2000 close observation of rheas, a species of ostrich occuring in the wild in western Mecklenburg. 2011 development of a new TV format at NDR: the fishing report.

28 Min.
Director: Heinz Galling
Script: H. Galling
Cinematography: M. Remmert, O. Zydek, M. Schwarz, G. Jepsen
Editing: O. Zydek
Music: C. Radtke
Narrator: H. Galling
Editor: B. Müller, C. Walther
Nominations: Award of the Juvenile Jury 2013