The Wild Stallion of Porlock Hill

In the south part of england the wildest national park of the kingdom is located. The enormous tableland borders directly on the atlantic ocean and has provided the exmoor ponies for over 1000 years.

Director: Marc Lubetzki

Marc Lubetzki, born on July 1, 1971 in Hamburg. As a teenager, he often felt trapped as in a cage and was unable to suppress his urge for freedom for long. While crossing eastern Turkey on horseback, he realised that no other animal embodies the ideas of freedom, adventure and endurance as well as the horse. At the age of 39, the trained saddler began producing horse videos for equestrians and is now filming wild horses since 2012.

30 Min.
Director: Marc Lubetzki
Script: Marc Lubetzki
Cinematography: Marc Lubetzki
Editing: Marc Lubetzki
Music: Soundtaxi
Narrator: Monika Hein, Marc Lubetzki
Nominations: Award of the Juvenile Jury 2013