The year of the Red Kite - gorgeous griffins in the Lippe region

Sarah Herbort and Robin Jähne worked two years for this documentation about the red kite. They used a high-speed camera as well as special developed techniques to catch scenes never seen before.

Director: Sarah Herbort

Sarah Herbort, born 1981, studied landscape architecture. She is responsible for camera, editing and directing.

Director: Robin Jähne

Robin Jähne, born 1969, studied biology and worked as a photographer and journalist for various magazines. Since 1990 he has been making wildlife films in Tasmania, Oman and Europe, including historical documentaries as well as providing special footage for different TV productions.
He is responsible for camera, editing and directing.

45 Min.
Director: Sarah Herbort, Robin Jähne
Script: Sarah Herbort, Robin Jähne
Cinematography: Sarah Herbort, Robin Jähne
Editing: Sarah Herbort, Robin Jähne
Music: Florian Stubenvoll u.a.
Narrator: Arne Heger (englische Version)
Editor: Robin Jähne, Sarah Herbort
Awards: Best Independent Production 2013
Nominations: Best Independent Production 2013