Touching the Dragon

Roger Horrocks investigated stories of men “calling” wild crocodiles out of the river and a crocodile shaman who can swim and ride on the back of a giant crocodile without being eaten.

Director: Craig & Foster Foster

Brothers Craig and Damon Foster are widely regarded as South Africa's top documentary filmmakers. With over 16 years of experience shooting and directing, and having received of 50 international awards, the Foster Brothers have deservedly carved themselves a niche in global film circles.

For more than a decade the Foster Brothers have been at the film front of the African renaissance, using media to turn the tide on negative attitudes. They have reached an audience of over 300 million people by using Africa's voice first hand. The filmmakers have a passion and commitment to the natural world and the relationship between human and nature has deeply influenced they're style of filmmaking and the stories they seek out. The last 10 years have been characterised by the brothers' experience with hunter gatherer communities in the Kalahari to the Dogon of Mali to the underwater world of great white and tiger sharks. Their current project "Into the Dragon's Lair" will be released around the world and for the first time explores the unique potential relationship between human kind and the prehistoric Nile crocodile.

The brothers' primary intent lies in telling stories with the voice of Africa herself, and creating film experiences that enable the viewer the gain an intense and deep insight into the natural and cultural dynamics of this ancient continent. They explore the timeless and universal themes of the relationship between human and animal, and the relationship between them and the environment that they share. They seek unique and challenging footage, which enthralling and exciting, without compromising on integrity and sensitivity. They show reality as it is but in a way in which it is not usually seen. The brothers work closely together throughout every aspect of the process, and have pioneered and organic style of film making that brings new life to the screen.

52 Min.
Director: Craig & Foster Foster
Cinematography: Craig Foster, Damon Foster
Editing: Damon Foster
Music: Kevin Smuts
Narrator: Vyv Simson
Editor: Damon Foster
Nominations: Best Story 2013