Wild Munich

Munich is situated at the foot of the Alps. In this city animals and humans live side by side in a unique way. The film narrates exciting stories the wild animals experience in the capital of Bavaria.



Director: Markus Schmidbauer

Markus Schmidbauer was born in Vilseck in 1966. Following his Abitur in 1986, he studied biology in Regensburg from 1987 - 1993. Since 1997, he has worked as a freelance biologist. Since 200, he has also worked for Bavarian Television and since 2001 for Wildlife documentaries in TV channels, such as BR, ARD and Arte.

44 Min.
Director: Markus Schmidbauer
Script: Markus Schmidbauer
Cinematography: Pauli Hien
Editing: Wolfdieter Gautzsch
Music: Ulrich Rassy
Editor: Bernd Strobel (BR)