Wild Poland

From “Polands Amazonia” between Biebrza and Narew up to the high mountains of the Tatra and into “Polands desert” close the Baltic Sea: “Wild Poland” is full of natural wonders.


Director: Hans-Peter Kuttler

Hans-Peter Kuttler was born in Bochum in 1971. His roots in wildlife documentaries go back to his nature photography during three tours, which took him to Canada and Alaska for several months each in the early 90th. This raised his wish to capture wildlife and nature in moving pictures. The ‚wildlife film-virus‘ had been woken up.
After studying biology in Frankfurt in 2000, Hans-Peter was an assistant at Spectrafilm, working in the genre of reportage. 2000 until 2002 he worked first as assistant and then as cameraman for Nautilusfilm. Since 2003 he is cameraman for Ernst Sasse, and since 2007 he is contributing to script and directing.
His films were made for ARD, NDR, BR, Arte, ORF and Parthenon Entertainment.
His filmography currently includes his collaboration on 17 wildlife documentaries

Director: Ernst Sasse

45 Min.
Director: Hans-Peter Kuttler, Ernst Sasse
Author: Hans-Peter Kuttler, Ernst Sasse
Camera: Hans-Peter Kuttler, Ernst Sasse
Editing: Stefan Canham
Music: Clemens Winterhalter
Speaker: Hans- Peter Bögel
Editor: Ralf Quibeldey (NDR), Mirja Kaiser (ARTE), Franz Fuchs (ORF)