Greenhouse effect and ozon hole

“The Ice Caps are Melting!”, “Global Warming – Can it be Stopped?”, “Carbon Dioxide – A Climate Killer?”, “Dramatic Changes in the Ozone Layer” – headlines we come across again and again. Climate change concerns everyone.

Director: Michael Tewiele

Michael Tewiele was born in Bocholt in 1979. He studied design at the University for Applied Sciences in Münster where he got his diploma in 2006. He worked as a lecturer for drawing and other techniques at the faculty of Design in Münster. In 2014 he moved on to the University for Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf as a lecturer for drawing and illustration. Michael is also working freelance in his own company for animation and illustration in Ratingen.
Among his films are: Sexuelle Selektion (2013), Treibhauseffekt und Ozonloch (2013), Wanderung der Wale (2012), Der Stickstoffkreislauf (2012), Fotosynthese (2012), Darwin auf dem Berg (2011), Schattenwelten / Quantendimension (2009) and NATURverbunden (2006).

17 Min.
Director: Michael Tewiele
Script: Svenja Weiß, Michael Tewiele
Cinematography: Michael Tewiele, Stefan Denecke
Editing: Michael Tewiele
Music: Florian Bodenschatz
Narrator: Brigitta Assheuer
Editor: Stephan Frisch, Christina Lehni, Svenja Weiß
Nominations: Award of the Juvenile Jury 2014
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