Mysterious Waters – From the Alps to the Rhine

As one of the densest populated countries in Europe Germany harbours underwater worlds that have yet to be discovered. ‘Mysterious Waters’ provides unusual perspectives into a multifaceted aspect of Germany.

Director: Gary Krosnoff

Gary Krosnoff (born 1974) Current Filmography
2014 Producer and cinematographer for WWF covering the issue of ghost fishing in the Baltic Sea
2012 - 2014 „Die Seidenstrasse der Meere“ (i.e. The Oceans' Silk Road) for ZDF/Arte;
producer, director and underwater camera 2nd unit, 2 x 52 min
2012 – 2013 „Wildes Deutschland – Unbekannte Tiefen“ (i.e. Wild Germany – Unknown Depths) for Doclights NDR Naturfilm; writer, director and cinematographer, 2 x 50 min
2011/ 2012 SSI Scuba School International: directing and camera for training films for the world's largest diving organisation:
2012 Campaign for Camp David: Development and compilation of several corporate videos for promoting the Camp David Expedition to Cape Horn
2012 – 2013
Producer of corporate films for Aqualung (Europe's largest manufacturer of diving equipment)

Director: Matthias Kopfmüller

Matthias Kopfmüller
- Born in 1962, ambassador for the city of Baden-Baden, currently living near Hamburg with his family
- Researcher, extreme diver, prize-winning documentary filmmaker, especially underwater films
- Writer and director for ZDF / Discovery, ARD, NDR, Arte, SFB, ORF, Spiegel TV and others
- Founded his own production company in 1995
- Employee at Spiegel TV from 2003-2005
- Inspired by explorers such as Christopher Columbus, Alexander von Humboldt and freediving pioneer Jacques Mayol
- Several future projects are in the planning stage, among them a book summing up many of his life experiences in a fictional narrative.

43 Min.
Director: Gary Krosnoff, Matthias Kopfmüller
Script: Matthias Kopfmüller, Gary Krosnoff
Cinematography: Gary Krosnoff, Serge Dumont, Dr. Susanna Knotz, Andreas Kücha
Editing: Frank Müller
Music: Oliver Ullmann
Narrator: Hans-Peter Bögel
Editor: NDR, NDR/ARTE, Terra Mater
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