Profiting from Pollution

Politicians proclaimed the CO2 trade as agreed upon in the 1997 Kyoto Protocol to be the miracle cure against global warming. However, the principle of demand and supply has failed and cannot stop climate change.

Director: Inge Altemeier

Born 1956, lives in Hamburg and studied English language and literature, politics and educational sciences. She worked as a freelancer for radio and TV. As of 1991, she is a television journalist, filmmaker and writer for the TV stations NDR, SWR, Arte and Der Spiegel. She is a specialist in worldwide investigative research.

52 Min.
Director: Inge Altemeier
Script: Inge Altemeier
Cinematography: Birgit Handke, Reinhard Hornung, Joschua Hornung
Editing: Birgit Mild, Reinhard Hornung
Narrator: Ulrike Johannson, Thor W. Müller, Gabriele Libbach
Editor: Kathrin Bronnert NDR/arte
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