The backyard jungle

There are only few habitats that are as complex and surprising as a garden. Using the latest methods of imaging including hidden cameras, this film shows the well known but mostly the unknown sides of the habitat right in front of our doorstep.

Director: Jan Haft

The multiple award-winning cameraman and director Jan Haft (*1967) is one of the most innovative animal filmmakers in Germany. After studying geology/palaeontology, he went on to study biology. At the beginning of the 1990s, the nature enthusiast began his career as a camera assistant for animal film productions. Already in 1996 he founded Nautilusfilm GmbH, one of the most successful companies for animal films in Germany

44 Min.
Director: Jan Haft
Script: Jan Haft & Gerwig Lawitzky
Cinematography: Kay Ziesenhenne, Stephan Krasser, Johannes Berger, Jan Haft
Editing: Carla Braun-Elwert & Jan Haft
Music: Jörg Magnus Pfeil & Siggi Mueller
Narrator: Thomas Wenke
Editor: Ralf Quibeldey (NDR), Franz Fuchs (ORF), Tom Synnatzschke (NDR), Monika Schäfer (ARD/HR), Arte