The night of the goblins

The camera accompanies the edible dormouse, the garden dormouse and the dormouse in their nightly forays into their territory. The edible dormouse is also, observed in the mating and rearing the young.

Director: Reinhard Weidlich

Reinhard Weidlich , born 1951
certified photographer
lives in Chemnitz
since 2013: retired
before that 20 years as scanner operator at a daily newspaper
1990 first film „Radnetzspinnen“ (i.e. Orb-weaver Spiders; aired on TV)
2004 „Der Feuersalamander“ (i.e. The Fire Salamander)
2009 „Jäger auf sechs Beinen“ (i.e. Six-legged Hunters; about ground beetles)
2011 „Der Hirschkäfer“ (i.e. The Stag Beetle)
2014 „Die Nacht der Kobolde“ (i.e. The Night of the Goblins; about dormice)
notorious hobby filmmaker

Since 2005 irregular provision of footage (of animals) for various TV productions for ARD, VOX, RTL, Servus-TV, TV Holland TV Canada

Director: Reinhard Weidlich
Script: Reinhard Weidlich
Cinematography: Reinhard Weidlich
Editing: Reinhard Weidlich
Music: Volkmar Berndt
Narrator: Conny Hartmann
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