Wild Germany - Uckermark

The documentary "Wildes Deutschland - Die Uckermark" tells about a very unusual landscape, which has been influenced by humans since centuries, but still remains very natural.

Director: Christoph Hauschild

Wildlife film producer Christoph Hauschild portrays a sensitive account of the Havel: Within the largest inland marshland of mid Europe thousands of cranes gather every year before they head south. Huge sea eagles find plenty of food from the numerous inshore waters and in neighbouring woodlands the large red deer bell. Foxes bring up their young. Stork nests are to be found on church towers and farmsteads, not far from quiet, marshy thickets, the habitat of the rare marsh toad.

43 Min.
Director: Christoph Hauschild
Script: Christoph Hauschild
Cinematography: Christoph Hauschild, Simone Fuchs, Karl-Heinz Sass, Dieter Szöke
Editing: Katrin Dücker
Music: Andreas Dicke, Thomas Onderka
Narrator: Hans-Peter Bögel
Editor: Meyen Wachholz, RBB / ARTE