Terra Xpress: Bees, Wasps and Bumblebees

Monocultures and mites threaten the bees. Not only in honey but also in agriculture her absence is noticeable. Because they provide annually up to 2.5 billion euros pollination. In Germany therefore it is the dusting more and more on bumblebees.

Director: Sebastian Kentner

Sebastian Kentner is 35 years old and works as author and TV producer. He studied philosophy and media studies in Amsterdam and Potsdam, followed by a practical training as TV editor. He is now working for Story House Productions in Berlin. Since 2011he is working regularly for the ZDF series ‘Terra Xpress’. Furthermore he contributed as editor to the Terra X-series „Pioniere“ („Stahlkrieg an der Ruhr“ and „Siegeszug der Düsenjets“), which was awarded the Ernst-Schneider-Preis in 2013.
For RTL he tracked down kid-napped children in foreign countries, together with detectives and the authorities, and brought them back to their parents.
His latest project for ‘arte’ took him to Cambodia for several weeks.

Director: Nicole Janke

Nicole Jahnke was born in Hannover and is working as TV journalist and editor for 15 years now. She has a diploma in cultural studies and made contributions and reports for public-serving broadcasting (ARD, ZDF, Kika, NDR, MDR, RBB) and private TV stations. She also worked for Sat1 as a correspondent in London and as TV-author all over Europe. As editor in chief she was responsible for ‘Rosins Restaurant’, a coaching programme running on Kabel1. Currently Nicole’s focus is on informative contributions for the ZDF series ‘Terra Xpress’. She also works free-lance as online-editor for the NDR in Hamburg.

29 Min.
Director: Sebastian Kentner, Nicole Janke
Script: Sebastian Kentner, Nicole Janke
Cinematography: Jurek Wieben, Christopher Dürkop, Dustin Wallrap, Thomas Piechowski
Editing: Nina Chmielewski, Ingo Grigoleit, Franziska Menz, Carolyn Haag, Bernd Schulze
Music: Hans Günter Wagener
Narrator: Jürg Löw
Editor: Redakteur: Philipp Gölter. Leitung: Günter Myrell
Nominations: Award of the Juvenile Jury 2014
Website URL: www.terra-xpress.zdf.de