The great Caucasus mountains

Filmmaker Henry M. Mix and his team spent over a year in Russia’s highest mountains on the border of Europe and Asia. They returned with epic pictures and breathtaking aerial photography of the natural wonders between the Black and the Caspian Sea.

Director: Henry M. Mix

Henry is a producer, director and cameraman for natural history documentaries, and worked for a number of national and international networks, incl. NDR, ARTE, BBC, National Geographic and others. He worked as biodiversity expert for various environmental projects in Central Asia, Russia, Mongolia, Georgia and other countries. He is a board member of the German Species Conservation Foundation and was Series Producer of the so far biggest German natural history series (Wild Russia).

43 Min.
Director: Henry M. Mix
Script: Henry M. Mix
Cinematography: Henry M. Mix, Axel Gebauer, Yann Sochaczewski, Alexander Sommer
Editing: Miriam Zimmermann
Music: Jörg Magnus Pfeil, Siggi Mueller
Narrator: Hans Henrik Wöhler
Editor: NDR, WDR, Channel on Russia, Terra Mater
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