Wildlife: Sophisticated Farmers: Leafcutter Ants

Deep in the tropical forests of Central America lives an extraordinary creature—the leafcutter ant. L eafcutter ants produce a diverse range of sounds and scientists have finally managed to tune into this unique world of communication.

Director: Ichiro Yamamoto

Ichiro Yamamoto was born in 1968. He joined production company Win-K after working on television commercials and documentaries at other production companies and serving as assistant director on the movie “Snow Leopard”. He directs documentaries on subjects as diverse as the environment, wildlife, people, traditional culture, and social issues. For his current projects, he is doing research in countries including Argentina, Kenya, and South Africa.

49 Min.
Director: Ichiro Yamamoto
Script: Ichiro Yamamoto
Cinematography: Susumu Yamaguchi, Takahisa Matsuzaki
Editing: Nobohito Sawamura
Music: Yukiyo Nakamura
Narrator: Peter Venn
Editor: NHK
Website URL: www.nhk.or.jp/english/