Acid Oceans

German researcher Katharina Fabricius studies the acidification of the oceans. She discovered CO2 vents of volcanic origin. For the researcher a natural lab where she can study how tropical reefs change if we don’t stop man-made CO2 emissions.

Director: Sally Ingleton

Sally Ingleton is founder and CEO in her own Company 360 Degree Films in Melbourne. She is one of the most successful producers of science and nature documentaries in Australia and produces films for more than 20 years now. Specialising in science, nature, arts, history and social issues Sally has made programs for BBC, Channel 4, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, ABCTV, SBSTV, Arte France and NHK. Her films have been broadcasted worldwide and have been awarded prizes at numerous international film festivals.

30 Min.
Director: Sally Ingleton
Script: Sally Ingleton
Cinematography: Simon Enderby, Peter Zakharov
Editing: Uri Mizrahi, Simon Wright
Narrator: Jürg Löw
Editor: planet e, Umweltredaktion ZDF
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