Banana Republic - How supermarket checkouts shape the world

Germans eat more bananas than anyone else in Europe. But the story behind these yellow favourites is something that most customers know nothing about. And yet German importers and consumers exercise is large influence on banana production around the world.

Director: Sarah Zierul

Writer and director for TV documentaries Sarah Zierul was born in 1978 in Düsseldorf, Germany.
1997-2003 She studied political science; drama, film and television studies; educational science at Cologne University, graduating with an M.A.
2000-2001 Erasmus scholarship: one year in Malaga, Spain, studying audiovisual communication.
After internships at the local radio and newspaper, Sarah was active in the editorial field, public relations work, directing assistance, freelance journalism.
2005-2006 she completed training as a radio and television editor at NDR Hamburg.
Since 2006 freelance journalist; author and director for TV documentaries at public TV stations; presenter at conferences and other events.
Since 2002 about 40 TV-productions for scientific and cultural programmes, covering various current issues from nuclear energy, globalized trade, to climate change, to marine films and also cultural history features.
Since 2005, Sarah made numerous radio features for NDR and is a frequent interview guest at public radio stations. She has also written numerous articles for renowned German newspapers as well as non-fiction books (topics: natural catastrophes, the race for marine resources, American foreign politics).
She received national journalism awards and was nominated for the CNN Journalist
Award 2010. Various international filmfestivals have honoured her environmental documentaries. Her book about marine resources was nominated for the Best Science Book 2011 in Austria.
Sarah is currently living in Berlin.

45 Min.
Director: Sarah Zierul
Script: Sarah Zierul
Cinematography: Marcus Winterbauer, Michael Kern
Editing: Isabelle Albert
Music: Stefan Döring
Narrator: Robert Steudtner
Editor: Andrea Ernst, Angelika Wagner (WDR)
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