BE is a social spot – the dramatical consequences of the disappearance of honeybees on nature, animals and humans – a chain of interdependence.

Director: Annika Beer

Annika Beer, born November 1988 in Bad Ems, Germany
- 2006-2008 Kerschensteinerschule in Wiesbaden: advanced technical college certificate in design
- since 2012 freelance illustrator
- 2014 degree in communication design at the University of Applied Sciences HSRM in Wiesbaden.

3 Min.
Director: Annika Beer
Script: Annika Beer, Viktor Cenan, Johann Graf, Jörg Walds
Cinematography: Annika Beer
Editing: Annika Beer
Music: Jan Roters / Annika Beer
Nominations: Audience Award Best Short Film 2014