Fuji as world cultural heritage site

Mount Fuji is not only the most popular tourist spot for Japanese, it also symbolizes a new thinking toward nature, which is spreading more and more in the Japanese society.

Director: Johannes Hano

Johannes Hano, born in Munich in 1963, went to school in Munich and Hamburg. After studying political science and law in Frankfurt and Hamburg and graduating with a diploma in political science, he completed several internships (among others at NDR, Spiegel TV, ZDF). Starting out as a freelance journalist for NDR radio and ZDF, he became a permanent employee at ZDF in 2002, occupying positions in the Hamburg studio, at the „Morgenmagazin“ morning show, in ZDF's capital studio in Berlin and at Frontal 21 (investigative reports). In 2007, he became head of ZDF's East Asian studios making him responsible for reporting from China, Japan, the Philippines, North and South Korea, Taiwan, Micronesia and Mongolia.
He received national and European awards for his documentaries about 9/11, the Fukushima nuclear disaster and about China's borders. He was further nominated for renowned international awards for his reports on the Beijing Olympics and the Fukushima catastrophe.

6 Min.
Director: Johannes Hano
Script: Johanes Hano
Cinematography: Toby Marshall
Editing: Toby Marshall
Narrator: Johannes Hano
Editor: Diana Zimmermann
Nominations: Audience Award Best Short Film 2014
Website URL: www.zdf.de