I'm A Little Molecule Of H2O

A love Song to water that explores the life-cycle of our most vital resource and the need to preserve its integrity.

Director: Paascalino Schaller

Paascalino Schaller is an intermediate school teacher who lives in Wellington, New Zealand. He is passionate about engaging students in meaningful life experiences and creating music and film that is purposeful. He uses film as a way exploring the world from a new lens. I’m a little molecule of H2O is inspired by an appreciation of the preciousness of water and an acknowledgement that we are all made up of more than 70% of this precious substance.

New Zealand
4 Min.
Director: Paascalino Schaller
Script: Maestro and the Molecules
Cinematography: Maestro and the Molecules
Editing: Maestro and the Molecules
Music: Maestro and the Molecules
Narrator: Maestro and the Molecules
Editor: Connected Media Trust
Nominations: Audience Award Best Short Film for Kids 2014
Website URL: www.connectedmedia.org