Legends of the Deep: Deep-Sea Sharks

The megamouth shark is a recently discovered species of deep-sea shark. Only 50 specimens of it have ever been sighted, many of them off the coast of Japan. Suruga Bay has long been known to hold a treasure trove of deepwater sharks.

Director: Leslie Schwerin

Director: Yoshio Yuki

Yoshio Yuki has been making science programs since joining NHK in 1992. He was initially based in Tokyo, where he worked on documentary specials, robot-contest coverage, and a range of other programs that shed light on scientific aspects of daily life and on the mysteries of the universe. His latest focus is the deep sea—a region even less understood than space. Shooting from a submersible during a four-year project, he shed light on the amazing, largely unknown world of deep-sea sharks.

52 Min.
Director: Leslie Schwerin, Yoshio Yuki
Script: Yoshio Yuki, Leslie Schwerin
Cinematography: Katsuhiko Takano, Hirofumi Zusho, Masashi Wada, Tatsuhiko Sugita, Tadashi Yanagisawa, Haruki Ida
Editing: Mitsunori Morimoto
Music: Joe Hisaishi
Narrator: David Attenborough
Editor: NHK
Awards: Best Marine Film 2014
Nominations: Best Marine Film 2014
Website URL: http://www.nhk.or.jp/english/