In a remote place in the not so distant past a family sits down to dinner. In this

bleak tableau the children will learn the true meaning of life.

Director: Lasse Lorenzen

Lasse Lorenzen, born in 1981, was raised in southern Denmark. After discovering his early love for cinema and directing a few no-budget short-films, he trained at the University of Copenhagen, graduating with a Masters degree in Film Studies. While studying, he also gained practical experience as assistant director on several short films and commercials and by spending a year in Los Angeles. There, he worked primarily in the script-department at the production company Phoenix Pictures.
For almost a decade, Lasse Lorenzen has been providing online filmcritism. In the past few years, he filled both directorial and production positions for film, television and commercials. After several years devoted to Danish television series and features, Lasse turned to directing spots and commercials aimed for the web. LIFE marks his first foray into directing fiction.

2 Min.
Director: Lasse Lorenzen
Script: Lasse Lorenzen
Cinematography: Niels A. Hansen
Editing: Lasse Lorenzen
Music: Sir Toby
Nominations: Wild Laugh 2014
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