This film is about us, blowing up our planet with our own hands. An average young man in the film just lives his everyday life without thinking of what he throws away and where to. Every piece of waste he disposes of leads to a micro-explosion.

Director: Olga Sharygina

Olga Sharygina was born in Ukhta town, Komi Republic, Russia. In 2001 graduated from Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University with the diploma for “Management”, in 2014 – Saint Petersburg Higher School of Directors and Screenwriters with the diploma for “Film Direction”. The first movie “The Ladder” was produced by MTV Russia. Makes short movies and music videos. Besides cinema, very active in business.

4 Min.
Director: Olga Sharygina
Script: Olga Sharygina
Cinematography: Anton Zhabin
Editing: Konstantin Dovzhik
Music: Eva Mi’lash
Nominations: Audience Award Best Short Film 2014