More Than Honey

One of the most important miracles of our natural world, the honey bee, is disappearing from our earth slowly and mysteriously. In this film directoer Markus Imhoof unfolds the universe of the bees for our eyes.

Director: Markus Imhoof

Markus Imhoof was born in 1941 in Winterthur, Switzerland. He studied German, history of art and history in Zurich. 1967 to 1968 he attended courses on film making at the arts college in Zürich. Among his first short films was the documentation ‘Rondo’ (1968) which criticised the Swiss penal system and was banned until 1976 in the Kanton Zurich. 1976 he founded his own production company, Limbo-Film AG. Imhoof caused a great stir in 1980 with his film ‘Das Boot ist voll’. In 1996 he founded the Markus Imhoof Film GmbH and realise the drama ‘Flammen im Paradies’ (1997) under their label. I took 15 years until Markus, who lives in Berlin since 2003, presented another motion picture: the documentary ‘More than Honey’.

105 Min.
Director: Markus Imhoof
Script: Markus Imhoof, Kerstin Hoppenhans
Cinematography: Jörg Jeshel, Attila Bora
Editing: Barbara Gries
Music: Peter Scherer
Narrator: Nils Kirchhoff
Nominations: Best Ecology and Science Film 2014
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