Nature Wonder Land: Mysterious Circles in Japanese Waters

Divers discovered mysterious circles on the seabed off the Japanese island of Amami Oshima. Who or what created them - and why? An NHK crew’s persistent efforts unraveled the mystery in a television world first.

Director: Akihiko Ida

Akihiko Ida joined NHK in 2003. He was initially based in the city of Kitakyushu, where he made a wide range of programs including news shows and documentaries about people and nature. Since 2008, he has directed natural-history programs at NHK’s production affiliate, NHK Enterprises. He is currently working on “Nature Wonder Land” and “Wildlife”.

24 Min.
Director: Akihiko Ida
Script: Akihiko Ida
Cinematography: Tomohiro Kawasaki
Editing: Chiyoko Murayama
Music: Hidekazu Uchiike
Editor: NHK
Nominations: Best Animal Behaviour 2014