nine and a half: The Sea without Fish - Will our oceans soon be empty?

The Sea is the biggest food source of the world, hence so many different species of fishes and other sea animals live there. But more and more species are overfished excessively. That means, too many fishes were recovered – their population is not able to grow again. Therefor Malin wants to figure out, how many fishes still live in the Baltic Sea and why there and in the rest of the world the populations are shrinking. Which impacts the overfishing has for the oceans? If the oceans will really be empty one day? And why Malin needs a ruler? You will learn about all that in this episode of nine and a half!

Director: Stefan Brand

Stefan Brand was born in Dormagen/NRW and received a business training for print- and online-media at the Rheinische Post. From 2009 until 2010 he was a trainee at the RTL-School of Journalists for TV and Multimedia. During this time he worked in various editorial offices - the RTL-correspondents office in London, the RTL-Hauptstadtstudio in Berlin and at SBS Radio in Melbourne.
Stefan is author of the ARD-Children‘s programme „neuneinhalb – deine Reporter“ (nine and a half – your reporters) since 2010

9 Min.
Director: Stefan Brand
Script: Stefan Brand
Cinematography: Martin Beume
Editing: Jens Karthaus
Narrator: Malin Büttner
Editor: Westdeutscher Rundfunk, Manuela Kalupke
Nominations: Audience Award Best Short Film for Kids 2014
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