On the other side of the shore

We use to cross the dunes when we go to the ocean, but we never take a real look into this strange landscape... Wild, Desert and Alive! ...

Without any voice over and comments, this film bring us into the story of animals, plants living in the dune... during one day and one night....

an expérience of sounds and images, for a free imagination!

Director: Marie Daniel

Director: Fabien Mazzocco

15 Min.
Director: Marie Daniel, Fabien Mazzocco
Cinematography: Fabien Mazzocco & Marie Daniel
Editing: Fabien Mazzocco & Marie Daniel
Music: Benoît Demarle
Awards: Audience Award Best Short Film 2014
Nominations: Audience Award Best Short Film 2014
Website URL: www.legobie.fr