Saviours of seeds

The diversity of our nutrition is under threat. Five large corporations dominate the seeds market and in turn fruit and vegetable sold across European supermarkets. Diversity on offer has shrunk by more than 75 per cent within 100 years.

Director: Anja Glücklich

Anja Glücklich, born on June 21st 1974 in Stuttgart, Germany.
Studied at the Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris: Literature studies and
postgraduate programme «European Journalism».
Stayed abroad in Europe, West Africa, Central and North America.
Since 2000 freelance television writer.
She has two children.

52 Min.
Director: Anja Glücklich
Script: Anja Glücklich
Cinematography: Boris Mahlau, Alexander Hein
Editing: Fabian Teichmann
Editor: Marita Hübinger ZDF/ARTE
Nominations: GREEN REPORT 2014
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