Terra X: Earthquakes

Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and storms: some of the most deadly and destructive forces on the planet. Their fall-out is not just local – these are global events, some with devastating effects.

Director: Florian Breier

Director: Stefan Schneider

Stefan Schneider began his work in 1990 as a producer, author and director. Since January 2007 he heads the Science Department of Gruppe 5 Filmproduktion.

His credits include: "In the Garden of Death" (ZDF), "Storm over Europe" (ZDF and Arte), "The Rediscovered Face" (ZDF and Arte "A Matter of Life and Death" – Magic Moments of Medicine" (4-part-series for Arte and ARD), "Jewelry-Fever – The Track of Diamonds" (ZDF), "The C-Files" - Historical Crime Cases re-opened (3-part-series for ZDF) and Konrad Adenauer – Hours of Decision, a docudrama about the first German Chancellor after WW2 for SWR/ WDR & Arte.
Price winning productions are: Supercomet – After The Impact (ZDF/ Discovery Channel/ Science Channel/ France 2/ ZDF Enterprises/ SBS TV) winning the “Bronze Dragon Award at Nanjing Film Festival 2009” and in 2010 Universe of The Oceans (ZDF/ ARTE/ National Geographic Channel/ ZDF Enterprises) winning the Bronze Dragon Award at the Bejing Film Festival 2010 and Gold Panda Award at the International TV-Festival Sichuan, China in 2011.

43 Min.
Director: Florian Breier, Stefan Schneider
Script: Stefan Schneider
Cinematography: Dieter Stürmer
Editing: Josef van Ooyen
Music: Paul Rabiger
Narrator: Gregor Höppner
Editor: Ruth Omphalius