The Coral Triangle

Six countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, the Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste have joined forces and founded the Coral Triangle Initiative to preserve this magnificent nature reserve for future generations.

Director: Richard Dennison

Director: Bettina Dalton

Bettina Dalton is a Sydney-based producer and Joint Managing Director of Wild Fury Pty Ltd and stock footage company Absolutely Wild Visuals, in partnership with Veronica Fury (formerly Fury Productions) and Hugh Marks (formerly Network Nine/Southern Star). Wild Fury has a large number of documentary projects in various stages of production, including Wild Australia (ZDF, NDR, Nat Geo), Big Red (Nat Geo), Australia: Land and Landscape (Nine Network), Animals That Changed History (Canadian co-production with Ferns Entertainment), Duels (Czech co-production with KM Records), When the Queen Came to Town (Foxtel), The Wildest River (Malaysian co-production with FINAS), and the 3D IMAX feature Blue Fin (ZDFE, ABC).

43 Min.
Director: Richard Dennison, Bettina Dalton
Script: Richard Dennison
Cinematography: Roger Munns, Paul Costello ASC, Jonathan Heighes, Chris Tan, Simon Enderby, Valerie Taylor, Robert Whitton
Editing: Michael Balson
Music: Trevor Coleman
Narrator: Frank Arnold
Editor: Milka Pavlievi, ZDF/ARTE