The Fisherman

An old man likes to go fishing. With scare he realizes that the world, he's living in has changed enormous. But even so he's going foreward, with decidedness...

Director: Moritz Stillhard

I was born on February 1st 1980 in the Canton of Zug in Switzerland.
At the age of 17, I began working as a graphic designer here.
I worked for various advertising agencies in Zürich and became a freelance art director in 2012.
I have not completed any classical vocational training in filmmaking yet.
To be honest, the film "The Fisherman" was an experiment. I wanted to find out if I would succeed in transferring a story into stop-motion in a way which was true to my original idea.
In the end, after months of ups and downs – it finally worked.

5 Min.
Director: Moritz Stillhard
Script: Moritz Stillhard
Cinematography: Moritz Stillhard
Editing: Jürgen Kupka
Music: Peter Anderson
Nominations: Wild Laugh 2014