The Tiger Experiment

Wild tigers are on the brink. Just 4000 roam the forests and jungles of Asia. Now Indian conservationists try to save the cats with a unique experiment: They raise orphan tiger cubs and release them back to wild.

Director: Axel Gomille

After school I decided to back up my interest in all that lives with some solid knowledge, so I began studying biology. During some semesters abroad in the USA, I had the chance to work with alligators and to get to know the North American natural environment. For my diploma thesis, I conducted field research on the largest snake in Germany - the Aesculapian Snake. I worked as a biologist and field guide in Central India's tiger reserves Kanha und Bandhavgarh.
My experience in the field of film brought me to the TV-station ZDF, where I completed an additional apprenticeship as an editor. Here I supervised more than one hundred 45-minute documentaries for the series "Wunderbare Welt", featuring nature-related themes from all over the world. Since June 2011 I have been working in the editorial department ZDF.Umwelt / planet e., enabling me to further expand my repertoire as a nature and wildlife filmmaker.

30 Min.
Director: Axel Gomille
Script: Axel Gomille
Cinematography: Nalla Muthu
Editing: Sabrina Degenhardt
Narrator: Hans Mittermüller
Editor: planet e, Umweltredaktion ZDF
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